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The Lock Inn

The Lock Inn is a neighbourhood pop-up pub serving local craft beer, lager, cider and gin which has become a big hit with the Withington community following a series of successful events.

The aim is simple, to encourage people in the area to come together in an interesting local venue to enjoy independently brewed beers with friends and family.

Their first pop-up was in the former NatWest bank where they joined forces with Lizzy, co-owner of Withington’s ‘A Curious Collection’ for a busy event following the Withington Christmas Lights switch-on 2018.

The ‘core’ team behind it, Neil, Ed, Mark and Casey, are friends who know each other through their children at St Paul’s Primary School but there’s also a wider group of friends who have worked at the bar, helped prepare the venues and pitched in with organisation.

“It’s about invigorating the village really,” said Neil. “We all live in Withington, so it’s about what we can do for the community and what we can do to improve it.”

After the success of their first pop-up, the team went back to the old bank and decided to use the whole space for a bigger second event in March 2019. Hundreds turned out and they soon realised there was a real appetite in the area for what they had to offer.

In April they held a first Lock Inn at the Withington Public Hall Institute at the top of Burton Road – an old members club that had been recently closed. It was another busy event so they headed back to the same venue in June and now it’s October’s turn!

Previous events have seen local brewers Burton Road Brewing Co, Pomona Island Brew Co, Blackjack Beers, Squawk and more offer their beers for the pop-up.

“The best part about buying independently is you find out what’s been brewed that week, so we get the freshest, best beer we can and bring it to Withington!”

W H E N ? Friday 4th October from 5pm / Saturday 5th October from 4pm

W H E R E ? The Lock Inn, Withington Public Hall Institute, 2 Burton Road, Manchester M20 3ED

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