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Stretford is Buzzin’: The Hive

There’s always an up and coming part of town tipped to be the next big thing and Stretford has quickly become a very plausible prospect for those in the know.

Just four miles or so from Manchester city centre and pretty much a straight shot down Chester Road or only a handful of stops on the tram it stands to reason that Stretford should be bustling and busy but that’s never quite been the case – until now.

Stretford Mall

Since Stretford Mall got a million dollar makeover (£2m redevelopment technically speaking) and Mital Morar gave the place the Ancoats General Store treatment with the wonderful FoodHall, Stretford seems to have flourished and won favour with the cool crowd.

And the good news doesn’t stop there for the Trafford town whose latest offering has just landed; The Hive Stretford, a new sports bar and neighbourhood hub.

The Hive logo signage

The Hive boasts both cocktail and culinary credentials with a relaxed all-day restaurant and bar vibe that is perfect for a community coming to the fore.

With a late night bar serving up some signature and classic cocktails, music, live sports and even a private party room up on the mezzanine, this new bar brings an extra dimension or two to the area.

Rum punch & daiquiri

There’s a healthy portion of variety on the menu too which ranges from lunch and brunch dishes to kids’ meals, small plates and classic combos like big beefy burgers or chicken Kiev and chips!

Hive Burger

Chicken Kiev

The Hive Stretford brings a welcome new venue and a welcome new menu to the borough and joins a growing community of indies – alongside local pubs HEAD and The Longford Tap.

With more regeneration planned as part of a £50m deal with property giant Bruntwood, is Stretford the place to bee? The Hive says yes!

The introductory menu is now available, expect good grub and a perfect pint. For more info & bookings visit