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Review: Proove It!

Review: Proove West Didsbury

It’s a busy Friday night down bustling Burton Road, West Didsbury. Pizza is on the brain and there’s only one thing for it – Proove. These guys started off popping up at events and festivals before setting up shop down in Sheffield… as they go from strength to strength we find ourselves sat in their south Manchester site.

Pizza is one of the most iconic and well loved dishes around the world, not to mention in Manchester. We love the stuff. Proove are at the top end of producers in the city, only using the highest quality and freshest ingredients. They keep things simple but sophisticated. The Napoli way. The best way.

Enough background it’s time to order.

The ‘Street Food’, effectively the starters/sides, section contains some traditional Italian treats. Perhaps not immediately recognisable to all, it’s definitely not your usual ‘Garlic Bread’ and ‘Dough Balls’ vibe, Proove have actually put some thought into it.

‘Fritto Misto’ £7.20 offers a sharing platter style combo of three dishes all otherwise available in their own right. This mixture of Angioletti, Crocché and Arancini is an ideal appetiser amongst a group or a pretty perfect snack to sample in the bar area if you’d only originally intended on having drinks but then the incredible smell from their bombProove Stefano Ferrara oven had gotten the better of you.

The Angioletti are tasty strips of dough, we could eat these all day. Crocché are the Sicilian take on croquettes made from mashed potato & egg covered in bread crumbs and fried. Light and delicious. The Arancini risotto balls were a highlight, delicately fried and full of flavour.

‘Montanara’ are large balls of dough. They’re first fried, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, provola mozzarella and pecorino then baked in the oven. Good value for £5.50. Both of these dishes you could realistically share between three or four, especially if you’re saving lots of room for Mains.

Speaking of which.

We went for the ‘Americana’ aka pepperoni pizza with roasted peppers, San Marzano tomatoes & mozzarella £9.50. This one might be a knife and fork job, the cheese makes this pizza a little wet, but not soggy, and the meat and peppers weigh down the slice as the dough is so soft. It is important to REMEMBER: There is no right or wrong way to eat pizza. Whether it’s in your hand or on your fork the only thing you have to do is enjoy it.

Hold that fork. Is that the Foodinate logo we spy?! For the uninitiated; Foodinate are a charitable organisation founded in Manchester. They team up with participating restaurants to donate a nourishing meal for a local person in need every time selected dishes are sold. Giving never tasted so good. Thankfully our other choice, the ‘Neptuna’ £9, is one such dish. There’s no cheese this time but again the delicious San Marzano tomatoes sing alongside the saltiness of the anchovies, capers and olives.

Proove is in the pudding… despite not strictly managing all of our pizza we can’t resist the homemade ‘Tiramisu’ hand crafted according to the Head Chef’s Italian family recipe £5. Not too rich or overpowered by coffee this is was the perfect finish to a familiar but also kind of unique Italian meal in Manchester.

There aren’t many popular, independent, neighbourhood establishments whose interiors lend themselves well to group bookings whilst also still providing plenty of cosy spots for couples to get comfy.

The staff were kind enough to box up our remaining pizza for later… it’s too good to waste! If pizza is your passion but you prefer not to have the arduous task of putting your shoes on, fear not. You can enjoy expertly made Napoli cuisine from Proove in the comfort of your own home – the guys and girls at Deliveroo will fetch your fix.

Thanks to manager James and his team. They dealt with a Friday night full house service seamlessly. Should you find yourself lucky enough to be in deepest darkest West Didsbury don’t walk past if the place looks packed. Definitely pop your head in and ask the question. That oven is such a beast the food only takes a matter of minutes so tables do become available sooner than you might think.

Delicious food. Great atmosphere. FoolProove.

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