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Get Ready To Rum Bar!

Rum, rum, rum… rum sales are soaring to record levels in the UK, nip off gin it’s time to tot rum!

The sunshine spirit inspires that Caribbean ‘island life’ vibe all year round, and what better place to enjoy than at Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant and bar where they serve up 40 of the finest from some of the biggest & best estates out there.

Their carefully curated rum collection is sourced from Jamaica to St Lucia, Cuba to Barbados and Bermuda to the West Indies.

Whatever you’re in to; from crystal clear, fruity, white rums, to the rich, luscious dark rums and the powerful overproofs their huge selection showcases the incredible varieties within the world of rum.

Not sure which is the one for you? They’ve split the menu into four categories – Good, Better, Best and Fabulous. You can order a Rum Sharing Board from £14.50 and choose four different rums to sample.

Turtle Bay’s rums are of course shaken up into their sublime cocktails too – these include classic cocktails with a Turtle Bay twist (like Rum Negroni, Rum Margarita and even a Rum Espresso Martini!) as well as a magnificent mix of signature cocktails (from The Marley Mojito, to Raspberry Reggae and Bahama Mama).

As if that wasn’t reason enough to fall in love with rum.. Turtle Bay’s famous Happy Hour, lasts from 11.30am – 7pm and then starts up again at 10pm during the weekend! ALL of rum their cocktails available at 241 during that time – it’s a must for cocktail lovers and rum enthusiasts all week long.

Finally, like you needed more persudaing to enjoy their amazing drinks, Turtle Bay also have a brand-new loyalty app…you ‘collect Turtles’ with your bill each time then trade them in for free buy food and drink! The app is free and available HERE along with more info!