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Review: What The Font?!

Q. What, The Font?

A. Yes, Chorlton.

Manchester staple, ‘Font’, have been serving up food & drinks for 18+ years now so the chances are you’ve been to two or all three (not including Liverpool, we don’t include Liverpool) of them in your time. If you were a student in a previous life you’ll have seen them down in Fallowfield and if you’ve been anywhere near a gig at The Ritz or old Sound Control off Oxford Road you’ve probably sampled their city centre venue as well. Perhaps slightly less likely though, The Font Chorlton? Well we went to try their new food.

Their Chorlton site is really “all things to all people”. It’s definitely got a family friendly feel; there’s a Kid’s Menu, a stack of high chairs and colouring-in clobber to prove it but it’s by no means a crèche! They host all sorts of events including regular Tuesday night quizzes as well as tap takeovers, the most recent of which from Track Brewing Co marked the start of The Manchester Beer and Cider Festival. They’re serious about their bar and serve some brilliant beers and some stupidly affordable spirits.

Happy Hour is dead generous…3 hours actually…5-8pm Sun-Fri. The fact you can grab a couple of G&T’s for £5 or two Aperol Spritz (& other ‘Font Favourites’) for £6 we think is mega so we ordered some, obviously!

The new food Menu in Chorlton has a slightly more worldly feel than let’s say their Americana style Fallowfield and city centre offering – those two are a bit more burger centric which is understandable for a bar. Chorlton being Chorlton is more diverse and centred around seasonal ingredients with plenty of veggie & vegan options.

We try a Veggie Flatbread Pizza £7 from ‘Light Dishes & Sides’ it’s topped with homemade tomato sauce, olives, sun blushed tomatoes, rocket & mozzarella. The dough is thin and light towards the centre with a nice crispy crust. Certainly a good’n for the olive fans.

‘Mains’ wise we’re torn between Slow Cooked Pork and Beef Meatballs £9 and their Chermoula Chicken Stew £10…a few dishes transcend their little section on the Menu and crop up elsewhere…the meatballs are one of them. They’re obviously popular seeing as they appear on the ‘Mains’ the ‘Boards’ and the ‘Sandwiches’. We’ve got to try them and their rich ragout.

Served with Welsh goats’ cheese and toasted potato sour dough (really good) the sauce is as rich as they say and the cheese is all crumbly and perfect with the ragout and slightly salty meat…as the cheese melts and you eat a couple of the meatballs out of the way you end up with another incarnation of the dish and then it’s fondue time.

Everything we ordered tasted good cold, actually. That may sound like a strange thing to say…we didn’t purposely wait for it to cool down (although sometimes that’s not a bad shout, you can taste food much better when it’s not scorchio) …in this case it was more to do with our gluttony and the amount of food you can get at this place for not very much money. If you order the cheesy, tomatoey, bready dishes like us, they all mix and match so you can afford to take your time and marry the different flavours together.


The Deli Board £14 comes complete with your usual cheeses and cured meats set-up with some homemade sweet pickle (personal favourite), cornichons and ciabatta.

We recommend you bang a board or three in the middle of the table and get stuck in, there’s gonna be something for everyone. If you do want to keep yourself to yourself and just enjoy a pint and sandwich that’s definitely doable. Maybe next time.

The staff are dead helpful and friendly, special shout out to Alex for looking after us on this occasion. It’s one of those places that seems to appreciate its regulars without being cliquey, it’s certainly not just a “local bar, for local people”.

You don’t need an excuse to head over to The Font but there are plenty; they’ve started selling selected burgers and wraps with a drink for a £5er at lunchtime in the city centre…crazy cheap! Deal or no deal the new Menu in Chorlton is a banker.

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