Festival Of The Dead

The hugely successful carnival-esque spectacle, infused with circus, theatre and clubbing, returns to Manchester. New for 2018, Festival Of The Dead follows one man’s journey into the underworld; a story featuring giant creatures, a whole new cast of characters and otherworldly creations, including ‘El Diablo’ – a huge, mechanical skull backdrop full of hidden surprises, acrobats, circus performers, spectacular carnival processions through the crowd and much more. With DJs spinning a killer club soundtrack, professional face painters and crowds that dress to be part of the show, there is nothing else out there like Festival Of The Dead.

Festival Of The Dead returns to Manchester, following a hugely successful debut tour in 2017, with a brand new immersive and unmissable experience. A spectacular show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before it mixes a carnival atmosphere with circus, theatre, clubbing and mind-blowing production. The crowds have become part of the show, dressed to eerily impress with beautifully macabre decor to enhance the atmosphere wherever you turn; there is no experience out there like Festival Of The Dead.

The props are awe-inspiring, the live performers dazzling and dramatic. Festival Of The Dead pulls each guest into the show and takes them on a unique journey into the unknown. Brought to life with brand new characters, creations and unparalleled circus and theatrical performances, the 2018 tour tells a narrative that threads through a night of breath-taking performances, explosive carnival scenes, dancing and Halloween-tinged hedonism, all moving to the beating heart of the fiesta.

“Festival Of The Dead just keeps getting bigger and better – you won’t believe your eyes! We’re excited to take guests on a journey to the underworld they’re never going to forget. When we say there is no other party out there like Festival Of The Dead, we mean it.”

W H E N  Friday 2nd November

W H E R E  Bowlers, Longbridge Rd, Manchester M17 1SN